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Guam is a Diving Paradise

Located in one of the richest ocean regions in the world, this western Pacific isle in the Mariana island chain features clear, warm, blue water and more than 800 species of tropical fish. Add to this nearly 400 corals, countless invertebrates, shipwrecks, reefs and wall dropoffs and you’ll see why Guam is one of the finest and most diverse dive destinations in the world. Situated in the heart of Micronesia, Guam is a popular Asian tourist destination and has a full range of accommodations for any budget. The dive shops are well-stocked and offer every level of instruction from basic novice to instructor training. Plus, all specialties like wreck diving, deep and tech diving, photography and reef appreciation courses can be found at many major dive shops. Beach and boat dives take place daily. Guam’s Blue Hole is one of the region’s special novelty dives as divers drift through a huge shaft in the inner wall and emerge over 100 feet down along a wall in the gin clear open sea. Guam features the WWI shipwreck SMS Cormoran and the WWII shipwreck Tokai Maru. They rest on the sea floor one atop the other. It is the only place in the world where a diver can simultaneously touch and photograph two sunken vessels from two separate world conflicts. Guam has over 90 dive sites that are visited regularly by its active dive community. Dive packages for Guam can be found through many local dive shops and tour operators. If visiting other Micronesia dive destinations, we encourage people to stop off in Guam for some unique diving experiences. Guam also has daily spinner dolphin tours, snorkeling tours, an undersea observatory and a huge walk-through aquarium. There are many water and ocean related activities to be found on Guam.

Water activities are not the only pastime when it comes to vacationing on the islands! Now Guam is promoting “10 Cool Ways to Fun,” which are sure to offer enjoyment for everyone. Whether you want a romantic wedding, to experience traditional Chamorro culture, or lose yourself in an irresistible shopping environment, Guam is the perfect holiday destination. With different combinations of entertainment available, the lucky vacationer will find paradise on Earth and endless pleasure on cool, fun Guam. Due to tumultuous worldwide events, the traveling public’s desire to vacation on tropical islands has been tempered. Fortunately, Guam is not affected by these events, and is ready to welcome you.

A memorable wedding on Guam

Imagine walking down the aisle with your true love in a beautiful wedding chapel overlooking a pristine sea. You are not dreaming! Overseas weddings have been popular for quite a long time. More and more young people are attracted to a romantic wedding on Guam. In Tumon Bay, there are quite a few classical wedding chapels—the perfect setting for your wedding dreams.

Culture tours

If you are looking for something cultural or historical, look to Guam! There’s Chamorro heritage, beautiful Spanish architecture, and interesting battle sites. Guam’s famous spots such as the Pacific War Memorial Park, Two Lovers’ Point, Fort Soledad in Umatac, and Latte Stone Park are all ideal destinations. In addition, don’t miss the local holiday celebrations -- fiestas -- which are both authentic and entertaining.

Duty-free service in the shopping world / Shopping paradise

Fine goods are available on duty-free Guam, making it a real shopper’s paradise. Remember to bring along your credit card or cash for some compelling shopping fun. Guam Cuisine: After shopping, enjoy some wonderful Guam cuisine. In addition to traditional Chamorro cuisine, there is Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many delicious western cuisines for the discriminating palate.

Family fun on safe Guam / Family Activities

Game Works on Pleasure Island on San Victores Road in Tumon Bay was designed by the famous movie director, Steven Spielberg and Universal Studios. It’s an ideal place for families to visit together. The 400-meter underwater tunnel in the “Underwater World” also offers children a safe and joyful environment to explore the wonders of the ocean.

Golfer’s heaven

The climate on Guam is balmy and comfortable. Good news for duffers and aspiring pros alike, you can play golf year round on Guam. At present, there are seven golf courses on the island, each with its unique characteristics.

Entertaining environment

The entertainment facilities on Guam are varied. You could take in the extraordinary Magic on Ice Show in Sand Castle, or board a luxury yacht to gaze upon the beautiful sunset and watch a dinner show, or go to the Guam Grey Hound Raceway Park, Guam’s dog-racing track, to try your luck.

Outdoor Activities

Of course we must mention Guam is an outdoor activities wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts. The spectacular and varied activities such as river tracing, canoeing, parasailing, volleyball, etc. are all very exciting and waiting to be experienced. Vacation village and club staff look forward to designing outdoor activities just for you. One-spot travel suits your needs Luxury hotels and high quality one-spot travel: “Lazybones travel” is getting popular. Hotels on Guam provide this relaxing atmosphere for you.

Easy Car Rental Service

An FIT tour is very easy on Guam. A rental car can take you anywhere on the scenic island, and usually within 30-40 minutes.

Guam, the island gem in the tropical Pacific Ocean, will delight the first time visitor with its wide variety of sensory tastes of the palate. The rich cultural history of the original Chamorro inhabitants, influenced by countless European, American, Asian, Micronesian, and other people who have settled, visited, and immigrated to Guam since the 16th century, blends seamlessly with the technology and lifestyle of the 21st century. The richness of Guam’s history is reflected in the food of the many people of Guam who call the island home. Guam is the most developed island in Micronesia; it plays a role as a transportation and communications hub and is regarded as the gateway to Micronesia. Guam has six lane highways, fast food restaurants, large shopping centers and malls, a university with international students, lavish resort hotels, and two large US military installations. From the colorful local vendors and picturesque scenery, to the gentle spirit of her native people and the unique feeling from the many varied languages, customs, cuisines and cultures.


Guam has a very relaxed, gentle and yet spinetingling atmosphere. Guam’s cuisine is a rich mixture of Spanish, Filipino and Pacific dishes. Delicacies include whole roast pig, tropical fruits, yams, taro, and coconut crabs, red rice made from achote seeds and just about anything grilled outdoors over an open flame. Some of the barbecue specialties include grilled reef fish, Chorizo sausages, beef short ribs, chicken, pork spare ribs, breadfruit, and tortillas. To transform dishes into Chamorro meal, request finadene. It is a piquant sauce packed with red local chili peppers, soy sauce, lemon juice, and yellow onions. Most restaurants have a very mild version of finadene. If you really enjoy spicy food, ask your wait staff for additional red peppers. Usually, family style finadene has more heat than the restaurant fare. Guam is a haven of the culinary arts. Despite Guam’s small population, a wide array of restaurants offers scrumptious delicacies to warm any palate. Major hotels serve quality western Continental meals while restaurants offer a variety of Asian ethnic dishes. Fresh seafood is always a favorite. Fresh fish, octopus, and lobster are either grilled or baked with vegetables or fruit, prepared for sashimi, and in other imaginative ways unique to the Pacific.


Visitors to Guam can experience the island’s beauty and history in many ways. But one of the best ways, say Guamanians, is on foot. In fact, many of Guam's most beautiful waterfalls, pristine beaches, unique caves, historic sites and vista points are found at the end of hiking trails. These hikes offer a wide range of experiences, from extremely easy trails of less than a mile to moderate and difficult mountain treks that can take half a day or longer to complete. Hikes or “boonie stomps” as they’re known on the island. are organized by the Department of Parks and Recreation every Saturday. For a mere $2.00 per adult, these guided hikes start at 9:00 a.m and lasts anywhere from two to three hours. The meeting point is usually at the Paseo Stadium in Hagåtña. Hikers are asked to bring their own bottled water, mosquito repellent, sun block for protection, wear comfortable hiking shoes, and sometimes swimwear to cool off in a waterfall, river pool or bay. According to recognized hiking expert and local resident Dave Lotz, the broad range of hiking destinations on Guam is a major selling point for embarking on an island trek. “There are at least 44 hiking trails on our island, and these trails include unique hikes for all skill levels. And with Guam’s nice warm weather, hiking is an ideal year-round activity.” Lotz, the leading authority on hiking in Guam and Micronesia is the author of the book The Best Tracks on Guam, a detailed guide to the tropical island’s most memorable hikes. In June 2004, the author released the latest version of the guidebook, which includes several new trails as well as updated maps and new trailhead photographs. For more information about the book, email the author at dlotz@ite.net.

Hike to a Waterfall

One of the hiking guide’s favorite hikes on Guam is the trail leading to Inarajan Falls, one of Guam's more than 20 waterfalls. “It’s a nice long hike that leads to a beautiful waterfall.” Another waterfall hike recommended by Lotz is the trek to Tarzan Falls. He rates the trail as moderate in difficulty. Hikers are rewarded by a series of five falls cascading into a clear, four-foot pool perfect for swimming. This is a favorite destination for “boonie stompers,” Guam’s special name for hikers who venture off the beaten track. Another waterfall, Malojloj Falls, near the southeastern tip of the island, is accessible via a very short, easy trail of less than half a mile. The 25-foot falls tumble into a deep pool set in a forest glen of bamboo, mango and other trees. Malojloj Falls are scenic, but the muddy waters are less suitable for swimming.

Stroll at the Guam Territorial Seashore

Sella Bay, within the Guam Territorial Seashore Park, is accessible only on foot, by way of a 1.5-mile hike beginning south of the village of Agat. The bay has good corals and underwater caves, making it excellent for swimming and snorkeling. Hikers discover ancient latte stones and pottery shards, which are all that remain of Sidya, an ancient Chamorro village deserted nearly 200 years ago.

See WWII History on Foot

Those interested in World War II history may want to take the more strenuous, six-mile hike to Sigua Falls and the Tank Farm, in Guam’s central highlands. Here visitors can inspect two Sherman Tanks and three amphibious tractors used for target practice by U.S. forces. The 70-foot Sigua Falls drop into a pool that is approximately 50 feet in diameter and ten feet deep. The pool is excellent for swimming, and a picnic area is located adjacent to the falls. An easier walking tour just outside of Hagatña leads to the Piti Guns, three 140mm Japanese guns, in their original locations at what is now the War in the Pacific National Historical Park. After reaching the first gun, walkers can traverse the ridge to the other guns and enjoy a panoramic view of the village of Piti, its offshore reef and Cabras Island. These hikes are a small sampling of what’s in store on Guam. To learn more or to request a schedule of upcoming group hikes, contact the Guam Department of Parks and Recreation at (671) 477-8279 or send a fax to (671)477-0997.

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