Datum: 25.04.2006

Quelle: Fiji Times

Turtle Staff Tour Attracts Tourists

Turtle Island Resort staff got a chance to promote their resort and Fiji on a promotional tour to Los Angeles. The 13 staff members went on a 21-day promotional tour headed by guest services manager, Milika Cokotiono who said the tour fulfilled a number of needs. Ms Cokotiono said the trip was to visit those who had been to the resort before with a plan to get them to return while also targeting new visitors. "Return guests also help get in new guests as they do word-of-mouth referrals so we were targeting both lots." They visited the homes of 13 past guests and put on a Fijian night filled with mekes (Fijian dances) and a kava ceremony. Ms Cokotiono said the resort had a good history with return guests as there was a separate package offered by the resort for return guests. "Return guests make up 50 per cent of our occupancy most times." The group visited California, Santa Monica, San Juan Capistrano, Cotto de Caza, Santa Barbara, Santa Fe San Diego, Fresno and Temple City. "Basically we just wanted to promote our island and Fiji as a whole showing our culture and great hospitality. By going straight to the source to promote ourselves we can make a bigger impact." Ms Cokotiono said the trip was also a motivational program for the hardworking staff at the island. "This is a sort of incentive for our staff as they are always working, this gives them a chance to go out and travel as well while still on the job." She said for most, the trip was the first time they had gone out of the country. "The trip was certainly the opportunity of a lifetime for most of the members and it has certainly broadened our horizons and boosted our self-esteem. Ms Cokotiono said the response had been overwhelming and went beyond their expectations. "Returning to Fiji with bookings three times more than what we would normally receive in a month, was just too good to be true." Ms Cokotiono said the trip was the first of many as they planned to conduct a promotional tour every year. She said next year they were planning to go to Australia and New Zealand. The tour was funded by the resort owner Richard Evanson. (Source: Fiji Times 21/04/2006)

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