Datum: 06.05.2006


Kiribati's First Official Tourism Website
The South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) has launched the first official government website promoting tourism in Kiribati (www.visit-kiribati.com). Peter Dawkins, SPTO's Marketing and Internet Manager, says "The Internet is one of the most powerful low-cost mediums for presenting tourism destinations to a global audience and is vital for small nations such as Kiribati who operate on very tight budgets.
We have developed a site for the Kiribati government that they can easily update and maintain by themselves so we are hoping that this will become the main source of accurate and up to date information for anyone considering a visit to Kiribati or just wanting to find out more about the country."
The web site contains about 100 pages of information and includes full details on all the attractions of Kiribati and options for accommodation, activities and tours. Some of Kiribati's unique attractions include historical relics from the Second World War, game and sports fishing and a spectacular marine environment. Kiribati is also popular as a stop off point for cruise ships from Norway and the USA. Tarataake Teannaki, Head of Kiribati National Tourism Office says "We are very grateful to the SPTO for all their hard work and endless effort in getting the KNTO official tourism website up and running. We have every confidence that this new site will certainly boost our presence and more so our marketing efforts given our limited resources to market ourselves effectively and efficiently in the long haul markets." For further information contact: tourism@spto.org

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