Datum: 09.05.2006

Quelle: SPTO Weekly Newsletter

Eco-tourism Helps Development
Having additional income from eco-tourism to supplement what they earn from farming has been welcomed by the people of Navilawa Village (Fiji). Far removed from civilisation, the simple way of life in the village has remained intact. It was because of Navilawa's isolation and way of life that Tourist Transport of Fiji general manager Charles Parker decided to make it part of the company's Great Sights product.
It was also because he had the opportunity to spend a night there some years back and could not forget the experience. As such he wanted to showcase the village to tourists so they in turn would be able to experience what he had. Among the attractions at Navilawa Village is a natural stone overhang that is almost like a cave and a waterfall whose cool waters are great to get refreshed in. It takes 15 minutes of trekking through the forest behind the village to reach these spots. The uphill track is no joke, so that by the time you reach the cave and the waterfall, you're soaked in sweat. The cave has been well maintained and is clean and one can see firewood on a stone shelf. The outer part of the shelter has been cordoned off with stones. Navilawa Village headman Ilami Maya said the shelter was still used by the village when a hurricane or cyclone threatens it. A few metres further up is the waterfall. Mr Maya said they were thankful for the extra source of income from eco-tourism because it helped in the education of the village children.

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