Datum: 09.05.2006

Quelle: SPTO Weekly Newsletter

Fest Napuan Music Festival October 2006
Vanuatu Fest'Napuan 2006 will take place from the 5th until the 8th of October - Thursday the 5th is Constitution Day, a public holiday. As usual, Thursday will be a local string band night, Friday and Saturday will feature electrified pop music, including all overseas acts, and Sunday will be the Zion Fest featuring Christian music. Participating overseas artists confirmed to date include Papua New Guinea's Telek, New Caledonia's Simply Roots and Fiji's Delai Doki Doki. A New Zealand band is also confirmed to participate, although which band it will be is still being decided. The band Fetazz from Mauritius is also currently seeking funding to participate. Almost all the big-name local bands will be participating, including Vanessa Quai, Naio, Krosrod, Alme System, XX Squad, Aimos Youth, Amel'oza, Eraso, Tefanu, Nauten and The Omegas. ABC's Radio Australia is once again looking to broadcast the event live to the region and Radio Vanuatu and Television Blong Vanuatu will also be doing some live broadcasting nationally. For further information contact Ralph on ralph.regenvanu@vanuatuculture.org. Phone (678) 22129.

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