Datum: 16.05.2006


InterContinental's New Bora Bora Hotel Opens on Time
The first guests ever to stay at the 80-villa InterContinental Resort and Thalasso Spa on Bora Bora were welcomed at 7:17 am on May 1, fulfilling a three-year-old announcement and making history in the process. "Three years ago we announced that we would be ready May 1 and we are," said Philippe Brovelli, vice president of operations for InterContinental in French Polynesia. InterContinental Makes History By Opening On Time-Brovelli Says "In just 28 months, InterContinental Resorts in French Polynesia managed what has never been achieved before in French Polynesia-to open on time," Brovelli said. The first guests, all coming from Japan, were described as being "very happy to be the very first trendsetters to discover and test this new resort that has been the talk of the town. . .and planet. . . for quite awhile", the hotel announced. May 1 was the beginning of a soft opening during May and June for the hotel and its staff of some 125 employees. To make the transition smooth for all concerned, General Manager Silvio Bio is only opening 40 villas on May 1, increasing to 60 on June 1 and then finally the full 80 on July 1. Twenty-three of the 40 opened villas were occupied on the first night of business on May 1 with mostly Japanese guests who will be staying an average of four nights, said Pierre Lesage, InterContinental French Polynesia's regional sales and marketing manager. The entire IHC French Polynesia team--Richard Bailey, the CEO and main shareholder of the Tahiti Beachcomber S.A. owning company, Brovelli and Bion--has been working day and night for the past few weeks preparing for the hotel's soft opening. (Source: Tahiti Tourisme Weekly Bulletin Issue 151 - 05th May 2006)

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