Datum: 22.05.2006

Quelle: Tourism New Zealand

Surfers Promote Gardening Olympics

Human billboards are taking to the streets of London this month to give New Zealand a profile boost around the Chelsea Flower Show.

The 100% Pure New Zealand garden has been entered by Tourism New Zealand into the show, the ‘Olympics of the Gardening World’. The New Zealand garden showcases our country’s west coast, and is receiving a lot of attention.

‘The 100% Pure New Zealand garden is all about getting profile for New Zealand, and this marketing activity will really build on the campaign already in place in the UK, to push the destinational New Zealand message’ says Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive George Hickton.

Tourism New Zealand has planned a blanket marketing campaign that includes some unusual tactics.

Three ‘Human Billboards’, wearing 100% Pure New Zealand branded wetsuits and carrying surfboards, will distribute promotional material around Chelsea and metropolitan London parks for three days during the show, increasing the impact of the massive advertising campaign centred around Sloane Square Underground Station.

The station will be transformed into a huge advertisement for destination New Zealand, with 100% Pure New Zealand-branded gateways, stairwells, escalators, lifts, ticket hall sites and billboards. Live plants will also feature in the main vestibule area.

Shuttle buses taking visitors to the show from the Sloane Square tube station and Battersea car park will also be used as moving ads, as will Metropolitan London buses which will carry passengers along ‘Golden Routes’ – the most central routes in London.

New Zealand’s presence at the show itself will include a custom-built information stand, featuring the same black sand tile flooring that is used in the garden. It will display information for all the 100% Pure New Zealand Garden sponsors, including Tourism New Zealand.

Online marketing has also been heavily utilised, with
www.newzealand.com acting as a catalyst for discovery about destination New Zealand. The site features everything from descriptions of the garden and design team, to travel deals, driving itineraries, link to sponsor sites, and a competition for an all-expenses paid trip to New Zealand.

www.newzealand.com to find out more about The 100% Pure New Zealand Garden. Images are available at www.images.newzealand.com

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